ELECTROLUX develops innovative technology to clothing washers using real-world experiences and solutions to any customer problems and improving the machinery to function, productivity and ergonomics.
All machines have excellent construction and withstand long term and heavy use. Installation and maintenance of equipment is easier, with fewer breakdowns, increasing its credibility on your investment.
Continuous research achieves energy saving, low operating costs and clean clothes without compromising on quality. ELECTROLUX washing machines are using less water, detergent and heating energy by 40%, while the washing time is reduced by 20% in the entire washing program. Dryers feature intelligent residual moisture content identification system containing the clothes to protect them and stop the drying process with accuracy for fresh, fluffy garment and economic drying. The ironers offer excellent and easy finish to ironed clothes that will satisfy even the most demanding guest.
Xenex offers integrated solutions to your property needs full and thorough installation of machinery and provides specialized technical service aimed at lengthening the life of ELECTROLUX machines.

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