WP170 myPro

By Electrolux Professional

The model WP170 myPro, is a reliable washing machine, offering with a maximum loading capacity of 8 kg. It has high aesthetics and lighting in the drum. It offers great water removal after the final spin thanks to the great centrifugal force it has, with G-Factor 536/1400 rpm for a shorter drying program in the dryer. It is equipped with a processor of 16 programs that cover the full range of your needs. Very user-friendly, easy to install and durable with a lifespan of 3 times longer than a conventional machine. The low level of noise and vibration indicate the high quality durable construction. Suitable for restaurants, boutique hotels etc.

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Main features:

  • Washing machine with a loading capacity of 8 kg
  • Special vibration damping base for high drum rotation speed with G-factor 536, for efficient spin and low residual moisture in clothing
  • Processor with 16 built-in quick, cost-effective and efficient washing programs with a quick selection rotary switch.
  • Lighting in the drum
  • Protected from oxidation in all its parts
  • Drain pump
  • Three-compartment soap dispenser for powder detergents or liquid chemicals.

Dimensions (WxDxH) 60cm x 63cm x 85cm, Weight 80 kilograms


Options - Accessories:

  • Connection with coin meter
  • Stacking kit with the dryer ΤΕ120 myPro (column)

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