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The W4600H model is a professional clothing washing machine for heavy use, with a maximum loading capacity of 65 kg. It offers great water removal after the final spin thanks to the great centrifugal force it has with G-Factor 350/800 rpm for a short drying program in the dryer. It is equipped with the Clarus Control processor that offers complete control of all the possibilities of the machine and creation of washing programs according to the needs of your clothing for effective washing programs. It also has full control of rotation and acceleration of the drum via inverter. From the machine programmer there is the possibility of controlling an external detergent dispenser. Access to machine parts is easy and designed for fast and efficient maintenance. Very friendly and powerful machine to use, specially designed for safe and secure operation. The large sturdy loading door with wide opening, the low level of noise and vibration reveal the high quality of its construction. Suitable for medium and large hotels, laundry of special requirements, etc.

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Main features:

  • Washing machine with a loading capacity of 65 kg
  • Extremely low consumption of water, energy and chemicals
  • Special vibration damping base for high drum rotation speed with spin G-factor 350 for effective spinning and low residual moisture in clothing
  • Clarus Control processor offers complete control of all the features of the machine and creation of washing programs according to your needs for effective washing programs
  • It has a service program, self-diagnosis and stores in its memory statistics of washing and operations.
  • Large door opening for easy loading and unloading of clothing
  • Designed for easy access to all its points for maintenance needs
  • Ready to connect to an external liquid detergent dispenser.
  • Complete control of rotation and acceleration of the drum via inverter
  • Five-compartment soap dispenser (2 for powdered detergents and 3 for liquid detergents)

Options - Accessories:

  • Forward or forward/backward tilting with full reversing function for easy loading and unloading of clothing.
  • Possibility of double heating energy (electricity and steam) for the choice of operation depending on the available supply.
  • Two versions available: electric and steam

Dimensions (WxDxH) (140cm x 159cm x 201cm), Weight 1.380 kilograms

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