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The WH6-6 model is a professional washing machine for heavy use, with a maximum loading capacity of 6 kg. It offers great water removal after the final spin thanks to the great centrifugal force it has with G-Factor 530/1450 rpm for a short drying program in the dryer. It is equipped with the Compass Pro® processor that offers fast, efficient and effective washing programs with low water and energy consumption. Very user friendly specially designed for safe and secure operation. The large sturdy loading door, the low level of noise and vibration indicate the high quality durable construction. Suitable for boutique hotels, laundry of special requirements, wet cleaning, mop cleaning etc.

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Main features:

  • Washing machine with a loading capacity of 6 kg
  • Extremely low consumption of water, energy and chemicals
  • Special vibration damping base for high drum rotation speed with G-factor 530 for efficient spin and low residual moisture in clothing.
  • Automatic weighing system (AS): Each time before washing, the machine recognizes the weight of the clothing and adds the appropriate amount of water. This results in not consuming extra water, energy and detergents that are unnecessary, saving money and protecting the environment.
  • The Compass Pro® programmer has built-in quick, cost-effective and efficient washing programs to suit every need
  • Multilingual menu including Greek language
  • USB connection
  • Drain pump
  • Four-compartment soap dispenser for powdered detergents or liquid chemicals
  • Ready to connect to an external liquid detergent dispenser.
  • Power Balance, minimizes stress on the machine and drastically reduces vibration allowing heavy use

Dimensions (WxDxH) (60cm x 68cm x 83cm), Weight 100 kilograms


Options - Accessories:

  • Connection with coin meter
  • Stacking kit with the dryer TD6-6 (column)
  • Mop version available

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