Technical Support

Technical support when you need it

The success of your business depends on the excellent quality and efficient operation of the equipment. At Xenex you feel safe, because you know that you will have technical support whenever you need it, 7 days a week, from a group of technical specialists who are well trained on your equipment.
Xenex people immediately respond to your request and are on your site to give timely solutions, without disrupting the smooth and flawless operation of your business.
From the very first day of cooperation with our company, Xenex technical team is in communication with the customer ensuring the successful execution of projects, the proper programming and commissioning of equipment, the quick and reliable supply of spare parts, the after sales support and technical advice.

Xenex support throughout Greece

Xenex technical department consists of a team of full time technicians and selected technical partners based in all main cities in mainland Greece and the islands.
Xenex full time technicians are based in:


  • Athens for Central and South Greece
  • Thessaloniki for Northern Greece
  • Rhodes for Dodecanese
  • Mykonos for Cyclades 

Our selected partners are based in:

  • Crete
  • Santorini
  • Kalamata
  • Kos
  • Corfu
  • Ioannina
  • Volos
  • Samos 

Thus, our clients always have our immediate support and feel safe of the smooth running of their business. In addition, Xenex technicians provide training and programming of the equipment, ensuring the full use of the advantages and features of the equipment.

Make an appointment for service

For any service call or technical advice, please fill in the form giving the necessary information and soon a technician of our company will contact you. Otherwise, call at (+30) 22950-42791.

Spare Parts

Xenex offers a wide range of spare parts

When time passes and after intensive use, it is normal to have some wear and tear on your foodservice and laundry equipment. Buying Xenex technology and using genuine OEM parts with warranty, you ensure the quality and correct operation of every machine while extending its life. Thus, a genuine part will be less costly in the short term.
Xenex has a large parts inventory at its warehouse and technical bases in Greece. The experienced and friendly staff of parts support, is available for immediate daily shipments of parts. If you need a genuine OEM part, call us at 22950-42791

Consulting Design

Build the foundations of your business: It all starts with the proper study.

Experience is needed in the design of a kitchen. Especially when it comes to demanding projects, a seemingly small fault can be devastating throughout the operation of the kitchen. Χenex design department is proposing customized solutions and is eliminating the margin of error.
Listening to customer needs, the process from the initial idea to the final result is very demanding. The smallest details make the difference, so the study undertaken by the design department of our company is accurate. Always observing the required standards, domestic or international, we give a holistic approach before reach the desired effect, thereby ensuring the trust of our customer.
The company's designers, in collaboration with architects, engineers or interior designers of each project undertake the study of the kitchen and laundry design. The experience of the design department of Xenex is seen from the solutions proposed by the customer: the aesthetics are always combined with the functionality and the result is a design that satisfies and meets the expectations.

Culinary Support

Our company’s chef  is always available to each customer.

Xenex hires a corporate chef, in order to make sure that its customers take full advantage of their advanced technology products and techniques. Our chef is properly trained on the equipment we represent, and thus can offer his knowledge to anyone who needs it. Buying an advance piece of equipment from Xenex is no problem anymore, since our chef will help you maximize its use and features.

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