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Tourism has been for decades and still is the driving force of the Greek economy. The hospitality industry with its many aspects is the biggest direct and indirect employer in Greece. 
Xenex, since 1970, has been playing an important role in the infrastructure of the hospitality industry, providing high quality equipment and services in the foodservice and laundry sectors. Our products, our services and our deep knowhow are aiming at the constant improvement and success of our customers’ operations, no matter the size of their business.
At Xenex, we research the international markets, we follow the technological changes and new trends and try to find innovative products and services that help our industry further develop and go forward.
Xenex team consists of well trained professionals with a combined experience of many decades in the field. We differentiate ourselves not only through our world class level products but also with our high level of services, which include specialised designing, finding solutions to your very specific needs and support you all the way before and after installation.
Xenex portfolio of customers includes hotels, restaurants from fine dinings to QSR, catering companies, supermarkets, staff canteens, institutional and healthcare clients, contractors, casinos, cruise ships and luxury yachts.

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Xenex Values


In Xenex we believe in quality and we do our work as a sign of respect to our customers and our suppliers. We believe in continuous improvement with a target to reach beyond our client's expectations.


Our staff members carry the responsibility for providing solutions to customers and taking decisions based on the specific needs of the interested buyer.


Xenex support does not stop when a successful sale takes place. Our employees are constantly  near the customers offering their services and making them feel comfortable for the smooth running of their business.


We know very well the value of teamwork to achieve our mission.

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Periodically, our company is looking for partners. Expressions of interest are always welcome.

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