Completion: July 2016

Hotel Grande Bretagne’s laundry needs increased significantly in the last few years. This is due to increased operation in all hotel divisions ( accommodation, dining, banquet, spa), but also due to the addition of neighboring Hotel King George under the same management.
Xenex undertook the challenge of studying the way that the laundry department would more efficiently handle the big capacity of high quality linen, without adding more staff members, and by decreasing the department’s operation hours.
Xenex study showed that the use of specialised industrial laundry equipment was essential and for this scope Kannegiesser technology was our solution.
In the washing section 3 x Kannegiesser FavoritPlus 140kg washer extractors replaced the 4 old 100kg machines. The shortest washing programs, the higher capacity and the efficient ergonomics for loading and unloading the machines increased the washing capacity by 55%. This result was achieved with less machines; the same number of employees increased their productivity and efficiency using less physical energy!
An impressive feature of the new washer extractors is the automatic linen weighing system which adjusts the water and detergent input according to the actual weight of the inserted linen. This technology guarantees perfect washing and hygiene results, with optimised water, energy and chemical consumption.


In the drying section, 2 x Kannegiesser 75kg DC series Dryers were installed. Some of the special features are:

  • Increased efficiency due to efficient ergonomics in loading and unloading linen
  • Energy Management system with reuse of hot air
  • Infratouch laser technology which constantly detects the linen humidity levels and stops drying process when humidity reaches the selected level; the infratouch technology apart from reducing energy consumption, guarantees optimised drying process and keeps linen quality on a high level

We are proud of the Grande Bretagne’s laundry modernization project. Results are impressive since day one of the new machinery installation. Operating hours decreased, washing quality increased, and total laundry cost of operation decreased a lot in a better working environment!

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