Xenex, undertakes to fully equip the kitchens, bars & laundry of Zuma Restaurant and manages to create functional and "smart" spaces - ready to meet the high demands of the chefs, staff and guests.

Architect: Liakos Architects
Designer: Wherehaus Design

ZUMA, on the occasion of celebrating 20 years of operation, redefines its position in the world of international jet set by opening the new ZUMA restaurant in Mykonos! Within the framework of this special project, Xenex, in collaboration with Wherehaus Design who designed the kitchens, undertook to fully equip the kitchens, bars & laundry and managed to create functional and "smart" spaces - ready to meet the high demands of the chefs, staff and guests.

Xenex Steel's large one-piece surfaces and solid custom-made stainless steel structures have delineated and organized in the best way both the central production areas and the à la carte service areas, creating a good foundation for the provision of high quality catering - and not only - services. For the implementation of this unique project, Xenex - as always - had a number of excellent, reliable partners at its side:

The kitchen of the ultra-modern restaurant was equipped with custom made cooking stations by AMBACH, professional combi steamers by Convotherm and an impressive Hearth Oven by Phoenix. The custom made robata grills by Clay Oven Company were also a strong presence, while Hallde's state-of-the-art machines, Betrand Puma's unique mixers and Nilma's vegetable cleaning and washing system simplified specific tasks, making the chefs' work easier and improving the safety and quality of every food preparation. Custom-made, however, were also the premium sushi displays built by Iglu Cold Systems for the restaurant's sushi bar, which were harmoniously integrated into the space. Finally, through Meiko's most reliable, innovative dishwashers, Xenex ensured excellent results in washing utensils, glasses and plates, locking in both the smooth running of the kitchen and hygiene, while ensuring effective, safe, economical and eco-friendly washing.

In addition to the cooking equipment and food processing equipment, Xenex also harnessed the most reliable solutions for the preservation of all kinds of raw materials: it is worth mentioning the world-famous Irinox Professional blast chillers and shock freezers, the top bottle bar coolers by Gamko, the cold room panels by the French Dagard, and the elegant wine displays by Enofrigo - elements that have upgraded both the organization and the aesthetics of the space.

ZUMA once again made a strong showing, ushering in a new era in the world of entertainment and fine dining experiences. Xenex couldn't help but be so proud to have been part of this story thanks to its long experience, expertise and excellent partners.


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