GB Roof Garden renovation

Architect: ΩΜ Meletitiki- Nasi Dimopoulou
Completion: March 2015

12 years after the Olympic Games 2004 full renovation of Grande Bretagne hotel, the hotel management decided that the GB Roof Garden restaurant needed to be renovated. The emblematic hotel’s top floor restaurant with the breathtaking Acropolis view has been very successful, and large scale readjustments needed to be made in the kitchen to be able to cope with the high demand.
The old kitchen, delivered by Xenex in 2004, was designed to serve less guests in a French Type bistro Ala Carte menu.
The new kitchen design was a big challenge, since the same kitchen prepares breakfast for approximately 500 guests, and serves dinner for 200 customers at a modern Greek gourmet restaurant.
The finalisation of the kitchen, bar and buffet design was done with the perfect cooperation among Xenex, Hotel executives and culinary team (executive chef Sotiris Evangelou and restaurant chef Asterios Koustoudis), project architects and engineers. 
The other great challenge was the project timeframe. The hotel was in operation and the GB Roof Garden would close only for 2 weeks.

The restaurant finally reopened mid-March 2015 as scheduled. The new kitchen design and equipment selection has increased significantly the production and efficiency helping staff do their job better and easier.
At the front of house buffet, Xenex installed patented hidden induction holding technology by Cooktek. Cooktek Incogneeto buffet system utilises advance induction technology hidden below the marble buffet counter. This technology keeps chafing dishes warm during breakfast and is invisible during lunch and dinner.
Gamko Flexbar refrigeration was installed at the bar together with Xenex Steel high production cocktail stations. Wine and Champagne by the glass service is facilitated by Bermar’s pod bar unique technology.
In the back of house kitchen, the demand for high quality meat and fish grilling made it clear that MagiKitch’n Gas Broilers were required. Other equipment used are Frymaster high efficiency fryers, Convotherm combisteamers, Bonnet cooking equipment and Cooktek induction.

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