Architect: K-Studio Architects

In one of the most cosmopolitan destinations in Greece, Santorini, Canaves EPITOME Hotel offers visitors a unique experience. Its serene location, outside the main city of Oia, and the magnificent sunset create a dreamy and relaxing atmosphere.

The Canaves Oia Hotel Club has fully trusted Epitome Hotel, their last project, to Xenex. Thus,our company supplied the luxurious hotel unit with the best and most reliable professional kitchen equipment.



To be more specific, the kitchen was equipped with Olis kitchen equipment Diamante series, Inducs induction ranges,  Convotherm 4 combi-steamer ovens , Julabo sous-vide appliances, Pacojet cutting and preparation machines and Meiko dishwashers.

Xenex Steel undertook the total construction of the hotel's 2 bars, located in the main lobby and the outside restaurant as well as the construction of all the walk-in cold rooms.

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