Xenex designs and supplies the foodservice, waste management and laundry facilities of Mandarin Oriental Resort in Costa Navarino.

Architect: Tombazis & Associates Architects, K-Studio

Renowned for its commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility, Xenex showcases its expertise by designing and delivering custom stainless steel fabrications with seamless working tops following Mandarin Oriental’s high standards. This way it redefines the standards of gastronomic spaces against the backdrop of sustainable development – a pivotal element of the resort’s philosophy.


The foundations of a winning project


This unique project was developed by TEMES Group, a leading investor, developer and operator of high-end tourism and real estate destinations in Greece, while Tombazis & Associates Architects and K-Studio took over the architectural design. The aesthetics and interior decoration of foodservice and bar areas were curated by K-Studio, and Studio Afroditi Krassa. The design and supply of the kitchens, laundry, and waste management system of the Mandarin Oriental, Costa Navarino were entrusted to Xenex.


Kitchen Equipment with the Signature of Xenex


The advantage of Xenex lies in its ability to tailor both designs and constructions to the needs of each client. For the Mandarin Oriental, Costa Navarino, this meant creating custom-built fabrications in collaboration with the experts of Xenex Steel. The goal was to integrate high aesthetics with functionality, durability, and ease of maintenance – essential elements in a high-performance gastronomic environment well aligned with sustainability principles. With these considerations in mind, Xenex and Xenex Steel created seamless -free of joints- surfaces, ensuring additional hygiene and cleanliness while simultaneously providing a comfortable and secure working space.

The focal point of the central kitchen at Mandarin Oriental, Costa Navarino, as well as the kitchen of the beach bar, are the high-quality and high-performance Ambach kitchens, whereas in the main building all the spotlights are on the private dining room and its Marrone cooking block.

Xenex Steel’s one-piece top working surfaces have contributed to defining and organizing the space. For the equipment of each zone – from the staff kitchen, vegetable preparation area, pastry room, chocolate processing area, kitchens within the main building, as well as on the beach restaurant (at the beach bar, pizza station, beverage pantry, and dining room) – cutting-edge products were deployed. The Convotherm combisteamer ovens, Mibrasa charcoal ovens and Robata, and Alto-Shaam holding cabinets were chosen. The Thermoplan automatic coffee machine, Nilma machines for impeccable vegetable preparation, Blast Chillers and Special Holding Cabinets (with controlled humidity) from Irinox, Gamko Bar Bottle Coolers, Orved vacuum machines and Julabo sous vide machines were also utilized. The specialized Pavailler oven and CFI proofer were installed in the pastry and bakery area. Finally, Pacojet, Inducs inductions, Heinzelmann's CHEF-X, Hoshizaki and Brema ice machines were chosen to facilitate the flow both inside and outside the kitchen, simplifying the cooking processes and preparations, contributing to the impeccable preservation of raw materials, and finished dishes.

For the cleanliness of dishes, glassware, and utensils, Xenex supplied Meiko unique products: ranging from a small but particularly efficient undercounter model to hood-type dishwashers in various sizes, and a tunnel dishwasher – all high-tech and high-performance, ready to ensure safety and smooth kitchen operation in the best possible way with the lowest operating cost.


Sustainability in the Spotlight


Following the principles of bioclimatic architecture that underpin both the design and operation of the Mandarin Oriental, Costa Navarino, Xenex proceeded with the corresponding design and supplying of equipment in each space, focusing on specialized solutions with the ultimate goal of maximizing energy efficiency and reducing the ecological footprint.

In the dishwashing area and waste management space, IMC Waste Stations were installed, distinguishing organic from liquid elements in materials. Consequently, liquid elements are filtered, directed to drainage, and end up in grease traps, while solid elements are used as fertilizer in the outdoor areas of the resort.

Additionally, with the help of a specialized Expleco machine, glass bottles and all glass waste are transformed into powder (sand) for subsequent recycling. These practices, along with many others found in various areas of the Mandarin Oriental, Costa Navarino, promote the circular economy and enhance the resort's "green" character.

In a harmonious combination of luxury and sustainability, Xenex, always accompanied by its valued partners, emerges as the visionary force behind the state-of-the-art kitchens of the renowned Mandarin Oriental resort – the first of its kind in our country – welcoming guests from every corner of the world in the picturesque bay of Navarino.

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