Xenex organizes and equips the kitchen and other areas of the Beefbar Athens.

The harmonization of the products and fabrications of Xenex and Xenex Steel with the strong element of wicker and the earth tones of terracotta and wood was required, in the context of their collaboration with Beefbar Athens located in the hotel complex of the Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens.

For the equipment and organization of the open outdoor kitchen of the restaurant, custom made stainless steel fabrications were created, which functioned as storage areas, but also as workbenches for the staff. A key element of the kitchen was the Mibrasa oven, which was chosen as the best solution for the proper management, the perfect baking and the highlighting of the special taste of fine meats – which are, after all, the basic feature of the restaurant's menu, but also of its overall philosophy.

To the right and left of the central open kitchen, two individual kitchens were created – one for savory and one for sweet preparations. The challenge in shaping and organizing the two spaces was their limited size, which had to be exploited in the best possible way. Xenex Steel, in full consultation with the Design Department of Xenex, set the right infrastructure by equipping the perimeter of the space with durable cabinets made of stainless steel, as well as tested state-of-the-art products of Olis, Convotherm and Irinox, which facilitated the food preparations by automating specific processes, saved space and time, facilitated the staff and contributed to the smooth flow and proper operation of the kitchen.

Iglu's state-of-the-art showcases for storing and displaying became the signature item of the hall, while it undertook the preservation and presentation to the patrons of fine rare wine labels, champagnes, but also of selected meat pieces such as the famous Japanese Kobe beef, as well as other types of meat, selected specifically for the patrons of Beefbar Athens from the most famous farms of the New World.

For the cleaning of dishes, glasses, utensils and other kitchen tools, Xenex used two unique machines of the German company Meiko: a tunnel dishwasher with basket transport and an undercounter dishwasher. These are two high-tech and high-performance machines that, like unsung heroes, ensure the safety and smooth operation of the kitchen in the best, greenest and most economical way.

Finally, at the entrance level is the art deco bar of the restaurant, designed and built by Xenex and Xenex Steel, equipped with refrigerators, countertops and stainless steel cabinets – fabrications resistant to intense, everyday use.

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