Pacojet 4

By Pacojet

Pacotizing® redefines traditional food-preparation methods from scratch. It all starts with market-fresh ingredients – herbs, fish, meat, fruit, and vegetables. Deep-frozen foods made with fresh ingredients are micro-pureed using overpressure without thawing. This allows the foods to shine in their purest, most natural form. The result is dishes packed with flavor and featuring ultra-fine, airy textures. This special process preserves the fresh, natural colors and the nutrients of the foods. 

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The Pacojet 4 supports you with the specific requirements of your kitchen and provides outstanding results with maximum productivity. With its new intelligent and innovative features, the device is even easier and safer to use, allowing you to further standardize your workflows. The precision technology of the Pacojet 4 meets the highest quality standards.

The large touchscreen provides intuitive user guidance with an animated assistance feature. The user interface is designed for use in professional kitchen environments.

Jet® mode. Choose between pacotizing® with the classic Pacotize® mode in 4 minutes or the Jet® mode in 90 seconds. The Jet® mode allows you to very quickly prepare certain recipes with a high sugar and fat content (e.g., ice creams). This means you can further increase your productivity. Expanded automatic repeat mode  

Pacotize® on repeat up to 10 times. This results in particularly light and creamy consistencies with maximum time efficiency. 

Work with overpressure or normal pressure. When using overpressure, the Pacojet works at up to 1 bar. This results in a volume expansion of approx. 20–30%. This is ideal for creating foods such as mousses with a creamy-light consistency and for intensifying flavors.

Saving and loading settings for preparing your favorite recipes makes your kitchen even more efficient.

More features

  • The tool detection feature ensures that the correct tool has been properly attached. 
  • With the spray guard detection feature, you can be confident that the spray guard is positioned correctly. 
  • The fill level detection feature notifies you when the pacotizing® beaker is too full. 
  • WIFI feature: Connecting the Pacojet via WIFI allows the Pacojet Service Center to detect error sources quickly and easily. 
  • Standby feature: during prolonged periods of inactivity, the Pacojet switches to energy-saving standby mode (the inactivity period can be adjusted) yet is instantly ready to use when you touch the display.
  • Thanks to the display-guided cleaning program, you can clean your Pacojet device very easily at the press of a button and without much equipment.


Technical data

Nominal power consumption: 1500 W
Network connection: 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 Ghz
Dimensions (mm): 497 x 204 x 365 (H x W x D)
Net weight: 22.5 kg
Overpressure: approx. 1 bar
Sound emission: 76.4 dB (A)
Mains voltage (variants): 220–240 V / 50–60 Hz

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