Vector H3HW Wide Multi-Cook Oven

By Alto-Shaam

Mighty.  Small.  Vector H Series wide ovens are ideal where space is at a premium and you need the flexibility to cook what you want when you want it. They feature a compact 24" (610mm) footprint and ventless operation, eliminating the need for an exhaust hood. Our countertop models are the perfect solution for increasing production anywhere you are tight on space.

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  • Unmatched Food Volume. Vector cooks twice as much food in the same amount of time as traditional ovens. 
  • Unmatched Variety. Cook up to three different food items simultaneously – with zero flavor transfer. Control temperature, fan speed and cook time in each chamber.
  • Superior Consistency. Deliver the same high-quality food every time. Structured Air Technology® provides superior cooking evenness and food quality.  No food degradation. No hot and cold spots.
  • Advanced Control. Designed intentionally simple, an intuitive, user-friendly interface features programmable recipes to ensure consistency with each cook.
  • Reduce Skilled Labor. Eliminate steps in food production and the need for employees to watch and rotate pans.
  • Waterless Operation. Reduce installation and operating costs. No plumbing, drains, filtration or associated maintenance.



3 Full-Size Steam Table Pans (4")
3 Half-Size Sheet Pans
3 GN 1/1 Pans (100mm)


38-5/8"" x 23-5/8" x 39-7/8"
986mm x 600mm x 1013mm

  • Place anywhere. Ventless, compact 24” (610mm) footprint with 2 or 3 chambers.
  • Control temperature, fan speed and cook time in each individual oven chamber.
  • Cook with half-size sheet pans, hotel pans or 16" (41 cm) pizza screens for maximum menu flexibility. Additional cooking accessories available for further menu expansion. 
  • Simple, intuitive operation for labor savings.
  • Structured Air Technology® ensures superior cooking evenness and food quality.
  • Efficient, even heat distribution.
  • Open the door as needed. Vertical curtains of air nearly eliminate heat loss. Cooler door. No blast of hot air.
  • Cook food the way it’s meant to be cooked – to perfect your dishes.
  • Custom colors available for enhanced branding and a front-of-house experience for customers.
  • Cook up to 2X more food than a traditional oven.
  • Replace or relieve multiple pieces of equipment. These ovens do the job of microwave and speed ovens, grills, conveyor ovens, salamanders and more – with better food quality all in a small space.
  • ChefLinc™ remote oven management system provides operators complete control of their ovens, menus and business with real-time data at their fingertips.
  • Made in the USA with a commitment to quality.

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