Herbert Kannegiesser Gmbh

The world market leader, the German Group HERBERT KANNEGIESSER GmbH, founded in 1948 and since then constantly evolving technology of machines offering customers a full range of automated industrial clothing washing systems.
The Herbert Kannegiesser is investing in the development of new technologies and this is evidenced by its presence at international exhibitions around the world showing that the respective systems professionals can no longer compete.
The quality, robustness and long-term durability of HERBERT KANNEGIESSER GmbH products make unique machines that really provide solutions in order to save operating costs and maximize productivity in less space area. 
The HERBERT KANNEGIESSER GmbH is the closest partner of Xenex. We follow the same course of development and support of machinery in our country by implementing major industrial high volume production facilities with excellent quality and results while saving energy and reducing production costs.

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