FV 250.2 πλυντήριο σκευών

By Meiko

Power washing is the name of the game when you put the FV 250.2 dishwasher into action! With the capacity to handle some 30 baskets an hour and the power to tackle tough soil build-up, it marks a new level of dishwashing excellence. The premium model is ergonomically designed, efficient and economical to run, and it can hold as many as 6 containers stacked one on top of the other. What's more, it can clean pots and pans, trays, kitchen utensils, containers and bowls – no problem at all.


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  • First-class washing results with minimal use of water
  • Ultra-low running costs with the AktivPlus wash water filter System
  • Optional GiO module eliminates the need for hand polishing
  •  Heat recovery plus an 80 % reduction in steam output (Point2 AirConcept)
  • Ultra-quiet operation thanks to double-walled design of the utensilwasher       

         WxDxΥH (149x89,5x193,5) cm

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