Ling Ling - Hakkasan

Architect: Alan Clayton
Completion: June 2015

Only the fact that worldwide renowned Hakkasan Restaurant Group was opening its first operation in Greece and specifically in Mykonos was big news. The location for the new restaurant was the one where Filippi Restaurant used to reside for decades, downtown Mykonos town.
The kitchen and bar equipment supply was awarded to Xenex in April 2015 and had to be commissioned until end of June 2015, since the restaurant opening was due in beginning July. 
The difficulty level of the project was very high not only because of the very limited time frame, but also because of the building conditions and location. The location could not be approached by trucks and the doors and windows openings were too small for the entrance of the equipment to its final position.
Xenex collaboration with client and kitchen consultant Alan Clayton was excellent and very substantial. In a few days from undertaking the project, Xenex team had analysed and identified its complex scope of work, and Xenex Steel team was already designing and started producing the custom fabrications.

Ling Ling kitchen comprised of world class equipment. The centerpiece of the kitchen is a one-piece-top custom made cooking suit by Marrone. The custom cooking suits includes Dim Sum steamer, Solit Top, Salamander and extended use of induction technology. It is the first time that a Hakkasan restaurant used Induction Woks (10kW power each), instead of Gas Powered Wok. The energy savings are huge and the units cook faster and more efficient. 
Ling Ling kitchen also has Convotherm 4 combi-steamers, Meiko glass and dishwashers with incorporaed reverse osmosis, Hallde preparation equipment, Iglu custom refrigeration, Xenex Steel custom fabrications and ventilation hoods, Fusionchef Julabo sous vide devices, Orved Vacuum, Pacojet and Bermar wine by the glass technology.

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