Parrilla GMB 200 Fire

By Mibrasa

MIBRASA® presents its latest creation; the new PARRILLA! Designed and built using cutting-edge engineering while respecting the purest and simplest ancestral culinary techniques.

Effortlessly regulate the height of your grill surface thanks to the carefully engineered pulley cable and counterweight system, keeping maintenance down to a minimum. The system lets us sear, cook and rest our ingredients, to get the optimal result every time.

With a sloping grill, the grease runs down the weld-free grill bars to prevent grease build-up. Grease drips down to the collector with an easy to remove mechanism ready to clean. The base is lined with refractory bricks to ensure maximum heat efficiency and resistance to pure fire. And the built-in cooling system in outer case guarantees a maximum level of security. Built using quality steels providing strength and durability; ergonomically designed for practicality and ease of use, each feature plays a crucial part in delivering the ultimate grilling machine for every chef.

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Technical Information

  • Fire up time: 30 min-average
  • Cooking temperature: 250oC
  • Total cooking surface area: 2 x (635mm x 685mm) = 0.87m2
  • Initial charcoal load: 15 kg
  • Grill height range: 350 mm
  • Charcoal load duration: 7 h
  • Crated size (WxDxH): 1120 x 2200 x 1380

*/ For more information and in order to find out all the included accessories, please read the Technical Sheet (pdf).

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