M-i Clean UL

By Meiko

You can see at first glance that the M-iClean opens up a whole new chapter of technology and design.
From its striking LED indicator handle to its silky matt stainless steel body and bright, clearly arranged interior, the M-iClean is quite clearly in a league of its own. Innovative technology and clean lines are the order of the day, right down to the very last details. 
The M-iClean also throws dishwashing into a colourful new dimension with an LED indicator handle that glows blue, green or red. The different colours provide a clear indication of the machine's status, ranging from "Ready" (blue) and "Washing efficiently" (green, pulsing) to "Important message" (red). 
This revolutionary feature heralds an accessible and efficient dishwashing experience that combines beauty, simplicity and intelligence in one stylish package.


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       Other key features of the M-iClean UL industrial dish washer include:

  • Top-notch washing performance and sparkling results
  • Intuitive operation thanks to one-touch navigation on a hygienic glass display Panel
  • Ability to check the machine's status from a distance – the LED handle indicates whether the machine is ready for use, washing efficiently, or has an important message
  • Built-in Bluetooth interface makes it easy to transfer data
  • Smart energy control minimises the use of resources
  • User-friendly design: any parts that are blue can be touched, operated or cleaned       

        WxDxH ( 60x68x82) cm


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