Le verre de vin Portable tower

By Bermar

The Portable Tower is compact, easy to transport and doesn’t require any permanent installation – just place it on a stable surface and plug in


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  • No permanent installation required and easy & compact to transport & set up – just plug in and play
  • Proven Le Verre de Vin still wine & Champagne preservation technology
  • Fully enclosed precision engineered unit, delivering proven reliability
  • Includes an integral chamber for a pre-set bespoke CO2 regulator & 425g CO2 cylinder
  • Preserves an unlimited number of opened bottles for up to 21 days
  • Ideal 21st century service – poured in front of the customer, direct from bottle to glass (‘Perfect Serve’)
  • Automatic cut off to ensure optimum preservation each & every time
  • Fitted with contemporary multi light resealing nozzles – choose from 7 different colours
  • Interactive reseal process: the nozzles turn amber, before changing green when the bottle is re-sealed
  • Minimal space requirement 

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