Favorit plus Washer Extractors

By Herbert Kannegiesser Gmbh

Washing Technology
The area Washing Technology includes the processing of soiled linen starting with its arrival in the laundry and ending with its transfer to the ironing respectively finishing area. Single process steps are washing, extracting and drying, the disinfection of linen respectively employees in sluices, the treatment of linen in cleanroom facilities and the possible pre-sorting of textiles in the soiled side.

FAVORITplus Washer Extractor with JET-Rinsing

The new generation of washer extractors for most applications with a large variety of additional equipment.

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         Specialties and functions:


  • 10 models for 30 kg to 270 kg (66 lbs to 595 lbs)
  • Each machine available in barrier-wall or industrial design
  • Heating: steam, electro, combined heating direct / indirect steam
  • High G-factor of 350 G
  • No imbalance loading because of exact equal batch weights in each cylinder compartment
  • Improved ergonomics because of side mounted cylinder door, comfortable loading and unloading and manual addition of detergents below eye level
  • Scaletron PLUS weighing device for reproducible washing results, fast and safe loading and optimal washing mechanics optionally available
  • Documentation of all relevant parameters by Datafocus
  • Pre-defined residual moisture extraction (OPS) for constant residual moistures for all following processes such as ironer or tunnel finisher
  • Water recovery system for considerable water and energy savings optionally available
  • Carewash cylinder perforation for a most careful washing standard
  • JET-Rinsing: the revolutionary principle of our PowerTrans JET transferred to the FAVORITplus  for minimum fresh water consumption and highest output
  • SPS control for up to 99 different washing programs

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