By Thermoplan

The BLACK&WHITE 3 is the top model, and consistent further development of the successful coffee machine family. Powerful, technically advanced and innovative highlights every detail of the premium claim this modularly constructed and beautifully finished units.


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Special Features

  • Practical, modular design for quick service and maintenance
  • Patented system for dairy delicious specialties with hot or cold milk froth
  •  Patented coil system or efficient, energy-saving heating milk
  •  Flexible programmable touch screen with 7-inch color display for easy operation
  •  Aluminium grinder with durable ceramic discs for long life
  • Stainless steel brewing unit for consistent coffee experience
  • Automatic cleaning program for maximum hygiene in the coffee and milk system
  •  Infinitely adjustable spout for the use of different levels of cups
  •  Optionally with POD outlet for the use of coffee pods

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