300-S Halo Heat Low Temp Hot Holding Cabinet & Catering Warmer

By Alto-Shaam


  Compact and portable, from mobile foodtrucks to the smallest commercial kitchen, the 300-S holding cabinet fits into any footprint.  Halo Heat technology results in tight temperature tolerances through even heat distribution without fans or forced air.

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  •  Capacity 16 kilogram, 3 full-sized/GN pans
  • Holding on the go: Its compact size and integrated handles allow the 300-S to be mobile and portable wherever needed


  • Precision controls:The 300-S comes standard with digital controls. A large digital readout ensures holding at the optimal temperature
  • Stackable: Stackable design adds convenience and saves space

        WxDxH (44,3cm x 64,5cm x 46,6cm), Weight 29kg 

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