Electrolux T120 mypro

By Electrolux

Electrolux T120 mypro is a reliable tumble dryer with integrated condense system, maximum capacity 8kg.
Is equipped with microprocessor providing up to 16 programs large display and one control knob for easy program selection. Prevent over drying of the save time and energy with professional Residual Moisture Control technology. 
Long life, last 3 times longer than domestic machines due to more durable construction with professional components. . 
Suitable for boutique hotels, restaurant etc.


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  •  Tumble dryer max capacity 8 kg
  •  Integrated condense system
  •  Μicroprocessor offers 16 drying program quick and efficient drying results
  •  Residual Moisture Control technology for prevent over drying
  • ​Drum light
  •  Large door opening for easy loading/unloading
  • User-friendly,designed specifically to ensure safe and simple operation

        WxDxH (60cm x 63cm x 85cm), Weight 44 kg


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