Power Trans Continuous Jet Batch Washers

By Herbert Kannegiesser Gmbh

Kannegisser PowerTrans JET-press is a industrial heavy duty Integration of Washing, Rinsing and Extracting in One Unit.

The revolution in batch washer technology integrates washing, rinsing and extracting in one unit. The free and absorbed main wash liquor is extracted before the rinsing process begins. After the pre-extraction, the remaining residual moisture is easier rinsed out.

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  • ​Suitable for the whole spectrum of typical press applications, i.e. hotel linen and flatwork
  • For batch sizes of 40 kg, 50 kg, 60 kg or 85 kg
  • Hourly performances between 300 kg and 1,500 kg
  • Optimized rinse result due to pre-extraction with up to 40 bar
  • Maximum reuse of hot main wash liquor with the included wash chemicals
  • Rinse processes exactly repeatable without any compromises
  • Short rinse times lead to low total cycle times
  • Up to 2 standard water recovery tanks guarantee intelligent water management
  • Ultramodern control concept with new innovative functions, 22“ Touch Panel and user authentication

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