Electrolux W5300H

By Electrolux

The W5300H is a profecional heavy duty washer extractor with maximum capacity 33kg. 
Efficient dewatering on behalf of the high extraction force at G-Factor 400 / 950 rpm for sort drying programs at the dryer.
Is equipped with Compass Pro® microprocessor providing quick and efficient wash programs with low water and energy consumption.
User-friendly,designed specifically to ensure safe and simple operation. Large door opening, easy-to-use interface, very low noise and vibration level are appreciated features.
Suitable for boutique hotels, special applications, wet cleaning, mop cleaning etc. 

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  • Washer extractor max capacity 33 kg
  • Extremely low water, energy and chemical consumption
  • Suspended frame with high extraction force G-factor 400 for efficient dewatering
  • Compass Pro® microprocessor offers wash program packages optimized on Economy, Performance and Time. Finding the perfect balance between low water and energy consumption, whilst maximizing wash results with shorter processing time
  • Two quick start buttons for frequently used wash programs
  • Language selection
  • Four compartment detergent box for manual dosing of powder or liquid detergent
  • Power Balance, minimizes the stress on the machine and reduces vibractions for heavy duty operation

          WxDxH (102cm x114cm x 147cm), Weight 560 kg

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