M-i Clean UM

By Meiko

You can see at first glance that the M-iClean UM glass washer opens up a whole new chapter of technology and design. The new face of dishwashing is a pleasant working environment, beautifully designed equipment, intuitive operation – and of course perfectly clean, sparkling results. This glass washer will impress you with its ability to clean more than just glasses and stemware in its sizeable wash chamber.  No matter the dish, flatware or barware you put in it, the MEIKO M-iClean UM glass washer will provide perfectly cleaned dishes – every time.
The color-coded, LED illuminated handle offers the user important messages from across the room. Below the status displaying handle, the touch display screen is made from hygienic safety glass with a high resolution program progress indicator. The M-iClean UM glass washer gives operators intuitive operation with its blue operating indicators. The interior lights up when the door is opened. Standard on all glass washers, the M-iClean filter is an active filtration system that constantly removes soil from the wash water. Stainless steel detergent and rinse aid pipes inside the machine prevent chemical corrosion.


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        MEIKO's innovative technology ensures :

  • Top-notch wash results with an economical use of detergent and rinse aid
  • All the key information at a glance on a one-touch Display
  • Smart status checks with an LED handle that lights up to show the industrial glasswasher is ready for use (blue), washing efficiently (green) or has an important message (red)
  • Easy transfer of service data via Bluetooth Interface
  • Improved indoor air quality and energy savings thanks to heat recovery with the optional M-iClean AirConcept system

       (WxDxH) 70x60x60 cm

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