DV 125.2

By Meiko

Even wider and higher.
This is what the new Premium Class MEIKO DV 125.2 warewashing machine is all about
The new universal warewasher is capable of washing dishware, transport  baskets, GN kitchen containers, pots and pans, cutlery, oven trays and even glasses.
Thanks to its super-sized usable space – passing height  55,5 Cm – washware as big as  65 x 53 m can be washed with the full MEIKO hygiene treatment. It is therefore also the ideal back-stage partner for meat preparation plants, butchers and bakeries.


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      Other key features of this hood type commercial dishwasher:

  • The ultimate in user-friendliness thanks to easy-to-understand icons and clearly displayed wash and rinse temperatures
  • 55,5 cm usable pass-through height makes it easy to wash Euronorm trays, bulky dishware items, tall beer glasses and much, much more
  • Excellent cleaning results thanks to multiple filtration of wash tank water
  • Maximum energy efficiency, better indoor air quality, and fast washware drying with optional exhaust heat recovery       

           (WxDxH) 73,5x75x159 cm

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