CB 184 Self-contained ice maker 22kg

By Brema

Brema CB184 produces up to 22kg per day of artisan Gourmet Ice Cubes using its Sprayer system technology, It can store 4kg of ice cubes. Its 13gr compact Ice Cubes help your business increase its profits due to its slow melting effect, keeping your beverage cold without affecting its taste! 

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  • Compact and crystal cube
  • AISI 304 SS Scotch Brite finish
  •  Possible ABS finish
  • Tropical class +43°C
  • Cleanable antiscale filter
  • Air or water cooling system
  • Easy cleanable internal rounded surfaces
  •  HCFC-Free insulated storage
  • RoHS Free
  • ​Disappearing insulated door
  • Electromechanical operation
  • ON-OFF rocker switch
  • Standard and special voltages
  •  Patented sprayer slide

     WxDxH (35,5 x 40,4 x 59 cm,) Weight 27,5 kg 

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