750-TH- III Low temperature electronic

By Alto-Shaam

The 750-TH/III Cook & Hold oven utilizes Halo Heat  technology to gently and evenly cook your food and ensure the highest quality product. Consistent low temperature cooking activates the natural enzymes present in even the toughest cuts of meat and tenderizes as it cooks and holds. Whether you specialize in prime rib, corned beef sandwiches or barbecued ribs, Alto-Shaam’s original Cook & Hold oven will provide you with highest quality product every time.


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  • Capacity 45 kilograms, 10 full-size/GN pans
  • Halo Heat® - No fans, forced air or added humidity allow for greater moisture and even cooking
  • Greater yield & better quality - Significant moisture retention relates to longer holding life and extra servings from each item prepared  
  • Records temperatures : When cooking by probe, the 750-TH/III will record the highest and lowest temperatures sensed by the food probe


  • SureTemp maintains heat levels : If the door is opened, the exclusive SureTemp system immediately responds to compensate for any heat loss
  •  Moves where needed :Optional low profile casters allow the unit to be placed beneath a standard counter
  • Stackable Design :Can be stacked with an identical oven, 750-S Heated Holding Cabinet, or 767-SK/III Smoker Oven

        WxDxH(67,6cm x 80,2cm x 80,9 cm), Weight 87 kg

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